Technology for a Sustainable Future

Committed to creating a more sustainable future through technological innovation, our passion is to enhance energy efficiency in IT infrastructures. To accomplish this, we have developed a market-leading solution that is revolutionizing the way energy consumption is managed and controlled.

Keep track
of your savings and energy usage

ZeroNet is a very intuitive and user-friendly platform.

No specialized technical knowledge is required to start using ZeroNet.

Power Usage



↑ 3.5% than previous month

IT Costs


↓ 526€ than previous month

Device Status


↑ 26 days without errors

Last Reading

/ 230

↓ 69 shutdown

Monitor and track your progress

Our Statistics section provides a clear and detailed insight into your progress, enabling you to make informed decisions and maximize your results.

error detection

In our dashboard you can identify and rectify errors in real-time, enabling you to optimize performance and minimize avoidable losses. Our advanced monitoring and analysis tools offer you a comprehensive understanding of your operations, providing clear insights.


What does ZeroNet IT offer?

At ZeroNet IT, we believe that technology can be a driving force for a more sustainable world. Our mission is to provide organizations with the necessary tools to reduce their carbon footprint while enhancing the efficiency of their IT operations.

Our innovative Energy Efficiency Dashboard leverages the power of technology to provide a comprehensive view of energy consumption in IT infrastructures. We offer real-time information and detailed analysis to enable you to make informed decisions and reduce costs.

ZeroNet seamlessly integrates with Cisco Meraki and Cisco DNA Center, allowing you to access critical energy data and enhance your network efficiency seamlessly.

CAT Insights is an advanced solution developed by ZeroNet IT. Leveraging technologies like Catalyst, Docker, and Ansible, it collects and analyzes energy consumption data in the network, integrating them into the ZeroNet dashboard. This tool provides a detailed insight into energy usage in your unmanaged IT infrastructure, enabling informed decision-making to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

ZeroNet IT measures all the kWh consumed by Video Traffic on your network. This is compared to Cisco Video Endpoint power consumption in order to showcase the cost savings you will have implementing Cisco Collab in your network.

ZeroNet IT has developed Power Fine Tune to provide precise optimization of energy consumption in your IT infrastructure (non-PoE). This customized solution allows you to adjust and fine-tune the power settings of your devices to achieve optimal efficiency.

At ZeroNet IT, we promote the efficient hardware renewal as part of our sustainability focus. We help maximize the lifespan of your devices and reduce electronic waste.

With these capabilities, at ZeroNet IT, we are committed to helping you achieve a more sustainable, efficient, and future-ready IT infrastructure.

ZeroNet has been recently awarded as the Cisco Partner Innovation Challenge
Partnering for Purpose Winner 2023

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